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Film Review of Shrek

This film was based on William Steig's book about a giant green ogre. This cheeky computer animated fairy tale is aimed at children as much as their parents. From the start it shows that it is a sort of fairytale with a lot of twists and it is mocking the fairytale genre continuously.

It starts with Shrek reading a fairytale "Once upon a time" and he reads on and then suddenly he tears the page out and says," like that's ever gonna happen". So from the start you can tell it won't be an ordinary traditional fairytale story. They have used many other fairytale characters like gingerbread man, 3 blind mice, the 3 bears and more. They also use famous elements of films eg.
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In order to do that Shrek is sent out on a mission to rescue a princess so that Lord Farquaad can become King of the Land. Unwillingly he accepts the quest in order to get his land back and sets off with a loudmouth talkative donkey (voiced by Eddie Murphy). Soon enough Shrek falls in love with the princess but there was one problem with Princess Fiona but that still didn't stop Shrek from liking her anyway. The plot is easy enough to follow and it is very unpredictable with enough twists to keep us entertained.

The characters looked extremely realistic unlike other animated films and the character who looked most realistic was none other than Princess Fiona (Voice by Cameron Diaz). I thought that she resembled Cameron Diaz quite well. Shrek was quite a sad unhappy ogre who had covered up his real feelings in all his life but now slowly he is letting it out and soon you start sympathising with him. The funniest character had to be the donkey with his continuous snide remarks about Shrek.

It had a sort of fairytale rhythm to it as they had to rescue a princess from a castle and have to slay the dragon in the process. But soon the traditional fairytale elements had been twisted and the prince became Shrek rather than a handsome young man. Shrek had shook the princess awake and took his on his shoulder rather than a kiss to awake her. This was very unorthodox

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