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Fargo, and the role of Setting
Fargo, a dark and somewhat humorous crime movie by the Coen Brothers delves into themes of isolation, morality, and greed. And throughout the film, a very prominent role is played by the setting. The Coen brothers make sure that no one misses where the story takes place – small town upper Midwest in the middle of a frigid winter. The film makes extensive use of the frozen landscape, the characterization of rural Midwesterners, and realistic depiction of the events of the story in order to emphasize these themes. There is a great deal of contrast in this movie between moral and amoral characters as well as contrast between what the viewer expects from such dark
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This is a powerful image that clearly shows the crushed Jerry and his increasing feeling of solitude.
Another use of the setting comes in the form of the characterization. A big contributor to the story and feel of the film is the characterization of the characters in the film. Again, this Midwestern setting becomes obvious when the viewer hears the strong upper Midwest accents used by all the residents of rural Minnesota. Midwesterners have a reputation for being exceedingly friendly and moral, and that becomes prominent in this film where a number of less than moral actions are portrayed.
Fargo therefore portrays two main types of characters: moral and amoral. Morality is personified by Marge Gunderson, the pregnant police chief on the trail of the criminals. She portrays the stereotypical “nice” attitude in nearly all of her encounters and it takes quite a lot for her to break this demeanor. Even though she may be investigating the murder scene or interviewing suspects in the case, she maintains this even-tempered friendly attitude.

This optimistic and positive outlook hides her very sharp mind for crime, and contrasts greatly with the sinister things that are taking place around her. This emphasizes the nature of the events that have come to pass. Throughout the movie, the disparity between the demeanor of the characters and surrounding events creates a subtle humor really a second viewing of the movie to
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