Film Studies Lesson 6 Mcelroy Rough Essay

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How do the respective narrative forms of Double Indemnity and Magnolia construct their characters and provide different critical perspectives on social values? Discuss in your essay some of the various narration types and the formal narrative construction of the films' characters. However, do not simply provide a list or catalogue of the narrative differences between the two films. A critical and necessary part of the assignment is for you to argue how the narrative construction in each film provides critical perspectives on social values. Paragraphs- character development, narration style, Random- frogs falling from the sky Story- plot- narration are the dimensions of film narration plot describes everything that is presented in the…show more content…
The lack of narration and the jumping from story to story makes the story line pretty difficult to follow. Different characters being introduced and lack of character development makes this movie quite the puzzle. This differs from the character development in Double Indemnity. Narration in Double Indemnity develops the main character as he goes from being in love with Mrs. Phyllis Dietrichson so falling for the younger and more innocent Ms. Lola Dietrichson. The narration and continuous build up of this series of romances, up to the point where Mr. Neff saves Nino from prosecution so that Lola will be happy develops the character of Walter Neff from an unattached insurance salesman to a caring partner in crime. Listening to its not going to stop as if each character could hear the music radiating from Claudia’s living room radio. Character development – each character is at similar points of development throughout the story and has peaks and lows at the same time point in the movie- overcoming personal obstacles. In magnolia, narrator knows that he is a narrator- he narrates from an objective point of view-

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