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“Insidious” is a 2010 horror movie centralizing around the lives of protagonists Renai (Rose Byrne) and her husband Josh (Patrick Wilson). The movie mainly focuses on the supernatural activity going on within the house, and it is later revealed that the cause of the hauntings is due to demons attempting to take over the body of their unconscious son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins).
The scene I have chosen to use from “Insidious”is the scene in which Renai sees and peruses a demon resembling a small Victorian child in her house. The extract begins 38:07 into the film and ends at 41:41. I have chosen to focus on the camerawork and sound in this particular scene as I believe they are both used to an excellent standard to create the
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After collecting the trash in the bag, Renai is tracked by the camera from inside the house while she goes outside to the bin, suggesting there is in fact something inside the house, but while walking there, the calming music playing on the record player begins to skip and scratch, shattering the serenity, and is replaced by Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe through the Tulips”. Renai, however, does not have much of a visual reaction to this strange and unnatural change in the music, until she turns after putting the trash bag in the bin to see a small child dressed in Victorian Era clothing, dancing in front of the record player. The camera moves towards Renai quickly as she turns around, letting the audience realise that something is defiantly not right within the house. We then see the boy via a P.O.V shot from Renai’s perspective and then the camera returns to inside the house to film Renai’s reaction, while continuing to move closer to her. Another brief P.O.V shot shows Renai moving back towards the door of her house, momentarily losing sight of the boy while she walks. When the camera returns to a window, we see that the boy is now gone. The speed at which this is done makes the audience quickly reassured that this is not a human child, as no human child could appear and disappear that quickly. The song the child plays is still playing in the background however, making the audience very aware that the child is not truly gone, but is just hiding from Renai. A fixed
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