Film Summary: 'A Beautiful Mind'

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A Beautiful Diagnosis The movie A Beautiful Mind is based on an award-winning novel of the same name, which is in itself based on the real-life story of mathematician and professor John Nash, whose mental brilliance paved his academic career. Starting with Nash's time in Princeton and his friendship with his roommate and literature student Charles, the movie tracks him through being contacted by the Department of Defense as a code-breaker a task which becomes an ever-greater obsession of Nash's despite his marriage and his career suffering for it. It is then revealed that Charles and the "contact" from the Department of Defense are persistent delusions and hallucinations that Nash has been living with. Axis I: Nash suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, as exhibited by his hallucinations and delusions, and his growing obsession with his delusions as they grow in complexity. The deterioration of his health and other daily activities is further evidence of an exacerbated episode of schizophrenia. Axis II: Nash could also be suffering from schizotypal personality disorder, as evidenced by his difficulties in social relationships, which helps to feed certain of the delusions he experiences as part of his Axis I diagnosis. Axis III: Other than Nash's mathematic brilliance, which the film implies is linked somehow to his schizophrenia, there do not appear to be any additional neurological or medical issues Nash suffers from that are relevant to the diagnosis. Axis IV: Nash's
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