Film Summary: 'Wit'

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Wit When a person becomes ill and must seek out medical treatment, they are highly vulnerable. They are in discomfort and pain and do not understand why. Then they learn what is wrong with them and they go through a range of emotions from fury to despair. Through it all they look to the people around them for support when it becomes too much to bear themselves. Patients will look to friends and to family, but more than this they will look to the people who are caring for them, their doctors and nurses. They will rely on you to get them through this episode whether the outcome looks promising or dire. In the film Wit starring Emma Thompson, a female English literature professor has been diagnosed with metastatic Stage IV ovarian cancer and has come to the conclusion that she has eschewed closeness to other people to a great degree and because of this has only the hospital staff on whom she can depend and look to for comfort in the final days of her life. Throughout her career as a scholar of the poetry of John Donne, Vivian Bearing has had more companionship with literature than with human beings. Her parents have passed away. She has no husband and no children. There are not even any friends to whom she is close enough to list them as an emergency contact in the hospital. Vivian's daily communication is mostly with oncologist Dr. Kelekian. He cares about the results of his experiments more than his patients. When he suggests an experimental treatment for Vivian which
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