Film Techniques Used in Shrek to Ensure the Broadest Possible Appeal To Viewers

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Film Techniques Used in Shrek to Ensure the Broadest Possible Appeal To Viewers

The animators of 'Shrek' use many film techniques to make certain of the broadest possible appeal to viewers. For example, its constant references to popular culture, its new style of animation, its wide range of characters and most of all its humour.

'Shrek' was an award winning film in 2000, receiving an Oscar for 'Best Animated Film'. The popularity, both on the big screen and DVD/VHS, is due to its wide audience appeal and the use of the latest ground-breaking animation techniques.

One way the animators have ensured a broad audience appeal is through the films characterisation. The four main characters;
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Shrek would like for people to like him, but cannot expect miracles, and won't change to suit anybody but him.

Shrek provides a lot of the film's humour, mostly without even trying. His whole character is a jokey, funny one and he is always looking for something to make a joke out of. He burps and farts openly quite a lot and doesn't care if anyone hears him. He makes a lot of jokes about Donkey. For example, "I'm going to save my ass!" Here he is referring to Donkey needing help. Shrek has a lot of charm and this works on viewers as they like his humour, easiness at being himself and the morals he upholds.

Shrek comes across as being very thick-skinned most of the time and nothing seems to hurt him, but during various conversations between Shrek and Donkey, and even Shrek and Princess Fiona, we see the real side of Shrek as he tries to explain himself to Donkey and how he's a real person with real feelings. At one point he says 'Ogres are like onions, they have layers." This is one of the key phrases in the film. He wants people to accept him and understand him but most of the time this isn't possible. Shrek is a real person and the people of Duloc do not realise this, but viewers can relate to him. For example, whilst sliding down a banister at the same time as
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