Film: The Last Of The Mohicans

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After watching the “The Last of the Mohicans” film, I have learned that the movie actually reflects to many historical events from the 1757 during the French and Indian War. Besides that, it also shows me the reason of the loss of the Native Americans’ land. This was because of the British’s invasion. The movie has given me a lot of information about the war between the French and Indian. To make the movie more interesting, one of the elements that the director used is to create different personalities for each character. In the movie, the two characters that stand out to me the most are Cora and Alice. As some of people might already know, Cora and Alice are British and also siblings. Both of them are the daughters of Colonel Munro, who was the commander of Fort William Henry. The two are protagonists and sweet; they have a special love for their father, that they even could die for him. Besides that, they also…show more content…
Cora is the oldest in the Munro’s family, her full name is Cora Munro. Back in the eighteenth century, her actions are a little beyond the boundaries of acceptable female behavior. To save herself and her sister, Alice from death, she even carries a small firearm and shoot an Indian. Therefore to Alice, she is like a mother who would love their daughter so much and take care of them every second. Even if, she is filled with terror and scared, she still does not show her fears. In behaving on this way, Cora can be seen as a woman in the late twentieth century, that is independent, ingenious, courageous, responsible and a bit of gentle. Although, Cora has been through to rise and fall, she still has someone that always by her side and protect her like a hero, which is Hawkeye, a man that spends all his life living for the Mohican tribe. In contempt of wars, their love for each other is never stop growing strong. It is sweet and intense, which can be write as a long romantic
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