Film Theater : A Movie Theater

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Attendance is key. This is the main point for any Movie Theatre. The profit for a Movie Theatre is not coming only from tickets but also from all the sales of food and drinks. Nowadays a Movie Theater has a 3 to 4 floors building with different types of restaurants and entertainments for kids so basically there are a lot of different sources of profits for Movie Theater. A Movie Theater has to attract people not only with movies but also with all the fun that people can have in Movie Theater. Technological factors • 3-D equipped • Digital age • The IMAX As we know today all the world is using 3-D. It’s a new technology which entered not only to Movie Theaters. Today all the famous companies like Sony and Samsung start producing TVs mainly with 3-D technology. So 3-D is becoming kind of part of our life. Now we want to see everything in 3-D and this tendency is giving a good chance to Movie Theaters to get more profit. In all the Movie Theaters tickets for 3-D movie are more expensive than for regular movies and this is not surprising anyone. People see the big difference between regular movies and 3-D movies and they are ready and agree to pay more for the feelings that 3-D gives. Currently more than 50% of the screens in USA are 3-D equipped, this is about 13,000 screens. This brings in millions of dollars of additional revenues. According to Nevafilmresearches ( Russia has a growing number of screens which are not

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