Film Titled By Frame Essay

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The documentary, Frame by Frame shows tribute to the power of photojournalism. In Anand Gopal's book, No Good Men Among the Living, he states the Taliban, "instituted a regime of draconian purity the likes of which the world never witnessed." "All music, film, and photography - which the Taliban regarded as gateway drugs to pornography and licentiousness - were banned" (Gopal, 2014). The film documents the rise of photography in Afghanistan. A powerful journey, showing real stories from a place that has been easily forgotten. According to Mo Scarpelli, director of Frame by Frame, "Since the Taliban was ousted from power in 2001, a media revolution had unfolded in Afghanistan; newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations had popped up all over the place. Photojournalists had trained and hit…show more content…
While the film attempts to balance out all those portrayed, I felt the real hero of the film was Wahidy. To her ability of taking provocative photographs of Afghan women, a difficult task due to the conservatism the country holds. Sharing a personal story, Wahidy at age 13, was attacked by a stranger for not wearing a burqa. "It has been well documented that women in Afghanistan have been beaten simply for accidentally letting an inch of skin show" (United Nations 2000, 7; Amnesty International 1999; Physicians for Human Rights 1998, 52). One highlight of the film for me, Wahidy visiting the hospital in Herat. Hoping to gain more information on women who have committed self-immolation. After being denied access to the subjects that Wahidy hoped to photograph, she comes across a previous patient. It's discovered that self-immolation is nothing but a ruse to cover up husbands lighting their wives on fire. The horrific torture this woman endured from her in-laws and her husband left me
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