Film Viewing Experience : Online Vs.

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aAria Hamzei CTVA 100 Lindy Leong Tuesday, December 8, 2015 Film Viewing Experience: Online Vs. in Cinema Changes are the most stable thing in this world. They touch everything and everyone. Comparable to water they can bring devastation and destruction of everything that seems to be solid as well as bring back to life and prosperity hopeless and forsaken deserts. Being influenced by technological, social and cultural development cinematography is not an exception from this rule. Thus, numerous times representatives of film industry have predicted the inevitable end of cinema. For instance, appearance of VHS has seriously and dramatically influenced cinema. However, like a true sea wolf it survived detrimental and savage storm.…show more content…
First of all, in order to comprehend my thoughts about film experience one should briefly be acquainted with film summary of In the Heart of the Sea. This film is based on non-fiction book written by Nathaniel Philbrick which portrays causes and aftermath of shipwreck of whaling ship Essex in 1820. Inspired by this event Herman Melville decides to investigate more about that mythical sperm whale which broke not only ship but also lives of whaling ship crew. Thus, skillfully using sea scenery the story begins to unfold. It is obvious that in Life of Pi and In the Heart of the Sea main theme is man`s struggle with nature. With this in mind the first major and the most obvious difference in watching film in cinema is huge screen with powerful sound support which serves as film conveying tool and technique. The enormous sizes of cinema screen captures viewer`s eye totally, thus helping one to merge more deeply into the film. Also, sound support surrounds and plays with viewer`s senses. For example, when ship Essex swam in calm waters of the sea I could feel the atmosphere of peaceful sea voyage and on the contrary when they got into the storm I was pushed into the wrath of the sea. I was not an observer of terrible sea disaster on the contrary I lived it through. Notably that my cinema neighbors felt the same mixture of feelings that indicates theirs as well as mine participation
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