Filter Bubble Research Paper

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Internet Filter Bubble It confounds me that the content I search on internet is not being delivered randomly rather, the search engines provides recommendations based on the page rank algorithm and varied signals. After watching the TED Talk, I find that “filter bubble” is pervasive and invisible. The fact that Facebook, Google, yahoo, and other major conduits through which people see the world online makes me anxious. The algorithmic personalization and recommendations, and custom version of the world deemed to be of interest to me skews, narrows and limits exposure to new ideas, and even may spread misinformation. In my view, filter bubble tends to de-emphasize areas thought to be of less interest to me, and this may leave out provocative,…show more content…
Filter Bubbles will definitely narrow down and enable me find different results that important to the Annotated Bibliography. However, it may be detrimental in the sense that I have been searching a lot on the area of my degree and hence, my search results would likely be filled with unnecessary or outdate resources. This may cause me to miss out on vital materials that would have helped to equip my Annotated Bibliography and lead me to writing strong paper. With the limitation of Filter Bubble, trying something new, following someone unexpected, and clicking outside the comfort zone are important techniques to get broad range of interests. By abiding by these avenues, I stand a great chance of being introduced to new perspectives without utilizing a common ground, getting a wider range of posts and updates, and creating new connection and deeper understanding. Popping up the filter bubble for all searches is detrimental because it privatizes everything and this makes it difficult to get information out of the common circles. It is not helpful professionally and academically where you need new ideas about important or credible information about certain emerging claims of certain knowledge. Nonetheless, it is important to have algorithm control over personal information with regards to what should be accessed or let out, although it may shield one from new
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