Essay on Filtering in Libraries and Schools

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Filtering in Libraries and Schools

We read about blocking some kinds of internet sites in public libraries and

schools by using filtering software. There are problems on how to define an

obscene piece of material, the list of filtered sites is not available to user ,

restricting access of adults, not just children, and affecting the lives of poor

people who cannot afford PCs by filtering many sites. I think everyone

agrees that we should protect children from harmful sites. However, it is

difficult to make a restriction which is acceptable by all users. How should

filtering systems changed ?

There is an expression in the textbook that is concerning the right to see

porn in libraries(Basse,
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A visitor should a library card which proves the age of the

user, and users can operate the appropriate filtering software by sliding the

his or her card I think it is a good idea because it protects children from

inappropriate things by using different filtering software in concerning their

age as well as protecting the right of adults to see them. Using this system at

home and in schools may also be a good idea.

iTECH Inc. provides a filtering software which can change filtering level

by age (iTECH Inc.).However, only checking the age of the user may not

enough. There was an argument about whether sites which tells how to

make bomb for farming should be filtered (Basse Sara,p207). I think it is

necessary to check the job of the user if a lot of farmers want to know about

making bomb online.

However, how can filtering software companies define if each site is

appropriate for each user ? I have an idea for this problem too. How about

each site “register” to World Wide Web in some ways when it is created and

declare what kind of site it is? Filtering software company check every new

site and decide the level of filtering. For example, the site which shows the

picture of breast such as the site of breasts is at the level for age 12 and

higher . No site can be seen on the Web without registering.
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