Final Analysis of Victoria Secret

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Financial Analysis of Victoria Secret


Final Analysis of Victoria Secret

Karissa Keller

Colorado Technical University

Financial Statement Analysis

Professor Alan Fowler

September 18, 2014



Victoria Secret appears to be a profitable company. Victoria Secret is part of L Brands whose operating income was at $ 211 million, up by $24 million from the last quarter. Specifically at Victoria's Secret, sales increased by 4% to reach 5.4 billion but operating income decreased by 6% to 1.71 billion. It appears that Victoria Secret's major expense was their Cost of Goods Sold, COGS, which totaled at 1.3144 billion. The gross profit percentage as at February 2013 was 47.87% (NASDAQ, 2014).
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Victoria Secret's operating profit margin ratio shows that they have complete and effective control of their operating costs, however their sales could be increasing faster than their operating costs. The net profit margin ratios suggests that Victoria Secret has a some cushioning that will help protect them in case of hard times. Victoria Secret is effectively managing and turning assets into generating earnings and income on new investments. Victoria Secret makes at least $2.50 per share and is generating a significant dividend for their investors, which leads investors anticipating a higher future growth.


During performing the sales forecast for Victoria's Secret, I learned that for most part that Victoria's Secret has an incline in their profits. They have however hit a few bumps here and there. The causes of this could be more cost for Victoria's Secret purchasing materials and production of their products. Another reason for this could also be a slower rate in sales than usual. Like I said, for the most Victoria Secret has seen an incline in their profits and sales throughout the years. Performing the percentage of sales forecast for Victoria's Secret, I established a forecasted sales of 5 percent which means that they would have to have a sales of $2,808 compared to their last years $2,675. This is a very feasible number for Victoria Secret to achieve, considering that majority of their money in assets outweighs their liabilities.

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