Final Animal: Mother Teresa

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Final Animal
For there to be a true leader, there needs to be knowledge, and in order to have knowledge, you need history. Orwell exclaimed that the pigs are leaders but not very good ones. Unlike the pigs in Animal Farm, Mother Teresa embodies the characteristics of a strong leader because she is helpful, inspiring, and caring.
A characteristic that fits Mother Teresa is being helpful. She did what she could so the society would feel better. The pigs in this story are selfish and cruel. The pigs take advantage of the power that is given to them. A true leader should never be given power but to be earned. As Orwell exclaims about Napoleon's name, “Napoleon was now never spoken of simply as Napoleon. He was always referred to in formal style
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She has left tracks so people can learn and follow the path she took. Napoleon was not good on the other hand on inspiring others to do the right thing. Napoleon is manipulating other animals so he would not be punished “that the Sixth Commandment decreed no animal shall kill any other animal”(Orwell 54). Then soon the commandment was changed to “No animal shall kill any other animal WITHOUT CAUSE” because the leader broke that rule (Orwell 54). A leader should never enforce a rule if he or she knows it is going to be broken. Also, the animals are to trying to help Napoleon try to get out of trouble by doing something bad. Mother Teresa did a lot so people would remember her “ By popular consensus she was a saint for the times, and a spate of almost adoring books and articles started to canonize her in the 1980s and well into the 1990s”(“Mother” ). She was influenced to help others but she knew she would have to die at one point, so she wrote books and also had other ideas on making more moments so people would remember her. Mother Teresa still helps people in many ways, even though she is not with us at the moment. Mother Teresa has left many trails on which people can follow so we can soon end up like
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