Final Case Studies Name Dyson E. Johnson

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INFO498 Final Case Studies Name Dyson E. Johnson

Your essays will be graded on content to include grammar and spelling. Each case should take 1-2 pages including diagrams. The essay answers for both #2 and #3 should be 500 to 700 words each, in order to completely answer the questions. Please submit as one document.

#1. Forest Point Construction (System Planning)
a. What is the correct total time?

This would take approximately 40 days using a five-day work week. I figured this out by taken each task step by step and adding them together since site preparations will take 3 days, plus setting building footers another 3 days which now equal 6 days. Then I will add the foundation 5 days, plus another 3 days to assemble building, now the total is 14 days. Once the building is assembled there will be two task started at the same time, finish the interior 5 days, and set up an appointment for the final inspection 15 days, now the total is 29 days. Once the interior is done we can start two more task, they are landscaping 7 days, and having the driveway paved 3 days, this will bring the total to 36 days. Once the landscaping and the driveway is paved, then we can start the painting 2 days, finally when all the painting is done and we have done the final inspection, now is the time to arranged the sale which will take 2 days, leaving us with a final total 40 days from start to finish.


b. Create a Gantt chart that shows the WBS.…

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