Final Case Study

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Final Case Study

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BMGT 364/Management And Organizational Theory

March 08, 2014

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Dear Amanda, as you know so many start-up small businesses like yours and often run in to the trouble of mismanagement because of so many assumptions based on establishing the business mission, vision statements; human resource management; lack of employee motivation; lack of properly defined working standards for employees and other outcomes measurable; not taking any concern of negative information about the organization especially from the clients which costs the organizations image and remaining too busy to pay attention to the establishment of problem
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After the business is up, ensure you implement proper human resource planning, job design and description, selection and recruitment processes. Be there and let the new employees get to know who they will be working for and what is expected of them (Rane, 2007). Probably Lisa lacked the knowledge to tell them what was expected of them and which made even you to assume that you were dealing with intellectuals who understood their job well and would always give their best. Amanda, remember that planning for all businesses is ongoing. The reasons for my arguments are because the external and internal factors affecting your business aren’t constant. For instance in your case, it was only after four months in business that Lisa started receiving calls from unsatisfied clients (Frankiewicz, & Churchill, 2006). Despite the fact that these clients held the future of your business, you chose to ignore them and left Lisa to maneuver her way out in dealing with them. Clearly, Lisa isn’t qualified in that field and as a manager you delegated duties and locations to your newly employed accountants which mean Lisa was carrying the burden of another employee. Having received such calls from clients meant that you as the manager had to call an urgent meeting with the employee responsible and deal with the problem from that point on. However, you chose to depend

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