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Lindsie S. Nicholson August 22, 2010 Unit 5 Individual Project ENG107-Shana Koh ABSTRACT Gun laws have changed over the past few years. There are many laws pertaining to the legal and illegal possession of a fire-arm. The gun laws are pretty strict. In most cities they are not being enforced and too many individuals are being murdered for no reason at all. This paper will explain the numerous laws and the reasons for those laws. Gun laws have become a popular topic in the news today. Everyday there are stories on the news of people getting shot either purposely or by accident. It has become easy for individuals to obtain a concealed weapon. Gun laws are the cause of much violent crime in America, and the best way to resolve the…show more content…
This is why the shooting rate in local cities has gone up in huge numbers. There was recently a mass shooting in my city. A wedding rehearsal dinner was disrupted with a man running in with a gun and shooting. Ten people have died and others are still in intensive care. So far the police have questioned three different suspects and determined it was not any of them. In the meantime the killer is still out there. Where did this individual get a gun? Gun laws have changed over the years and have “so called” become stricter. From the earliest of times there was always some type of law in effect. The question again is, are they being enforced? There is a timeline that distinguishes the gun-control laws from 1791 up until 1994. In 1791 the Second Amendment Ratified. It stated that the right of the people to bare fire-arms should not be infringed. In 1871 the National Rifle Association was founded. In 1934 the National Firearms Act was put in place. President Franklin D. Roosevelt hoped this act would eliminate the used of automatic weapons. In 1938 the Federal Firearms Act was enforced. This law was aimed at those selling and shipping firearms. In 1968 the Gun-Control Act was placed. This was inspired by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In 1972 the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms was created. Enforcement of the Gun Control Act was given to the Dept. of the Treasury 's

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