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1. The cartoon below: a. Was published shortly after the landslide victory of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the presidential election of 1936 b. Reflected efforts of Franklin D. Roosevelt to submit all legislation to the Supreme Court for an opinion on its constitutionality c. Was published immediately after the Supreme Court decided in Franklin Roosevelt's favor in the electoral dispute with Herbert Hoover after the 1932 presidential election d. Reflected the unanimity in Congress after the attack on Pearl Harbor e. Preceded Franklin Roosevelt's largest political victory during his second term in office Answer: _____ 2. "…It is not true that the United States feels any land hunger or entertains any projects as regards to the…show more content…
a. His actions on the banking system of the United States immediately after taking office b. His signing the act establishing the Works Progress Administration c. His decision to abandon the gold standard d. His support of legislation establishing the Tennessee Valley Authority e. His opposition to the Civilian Conservation Corps Answer: _____ 9. Which United States action was a clear abandonment of neutrality between Great Britain and Germany? a. Passing the Lend Lease Act b. Creating the United Nations c. Signing the Kellogg-Briand Pact d. Announcing the Eisenhower Doctrine e. Forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Answer: _____ 10. For over a year, ABC television ran a late night program called "America Held Hostage." The crisis on which ABC reported did not end until a new president took office, despite the efforts of the sitting president to free the hostages. What country was the focus of all this activity? a. Somalia b. Iraq c. Korea d. Iran e. Vietnam Answer: _____ 11. After the collapse of the nationalist government of China, the United States did not extend diplomatic recognition to the People's Republic of China, led by Mao Zedong. That status was reversed shortly after: a. The announcement of the Open Door policy by Secretary of State John Hay b. The visit of President Richard Nixon to China c. The military support provided to China in its war against Japan by President Franklin Roosevelt d. The

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