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Final Exam Case Study: Company Q’s Troubled Waters By: Robert F. J. Gleadall, R.E.T. Project Management, BTE-3420 Instructor: Rhonda Betker, MBA, PMP January 25, 2014 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Final Exam Case Study: Company Q’s Troubled Waters Introduction In 2008, all of the Fortune 500 companies are having a great year because of the strong economy. One of the companies benefiting from this is Company Q, managed by a twenty year veteran CEO, Derek and Director of Customer Relationship Management, Casey. However, even with the strong market, Company Q was failing to meet its goals (of being on time and on budget) with this…show more content…
Project Analysis After studying all of the process groups that would be used, for this knowledge area, a more in-depth analysis will be required in order to understand Casey’s strategies. The first thing that Casey would have done would have been to develop her Project Charter. The development of the Project Charter would be outlined in the following manner: Develop Project Charter (Inputs) To set up the Project Charter, Casey would first need to produce a Statement of Work (SOW) which is a narrative description of the products, services or results to be delivered by the project (PMBOK 5, p.68). This SOW would reference the Business Need, Project Scope Description and the Strategic Plan. The next input would be the Business Case, which would probably contain the cost benefit analysis and business need in order to justify and establish the necessary boundaries for the project (PMBOK 5, p.69). Another input that Casey would have needed was Agreements which is used to define the initial intentions of the project. Enterprise Environmental Factors is another input that would be needed which would include; government standards and regulations, organizational culture and structure and the marketplace conditions (PMBOK 5, p.70). Finally, yet importantly is the Organizational Process Assets input. The organizational
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