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Final Exam for Environmental Law ENV 320 Please write the correct answer on the left line for each question. Each question has 2 points. Please use another color than black for your answers. D 1. Which of the following is not considered one of the threshold issues that must be met before one can bring a lawsuit? a. standing. b. ripeness. c. case or controversy. d. none of the above (all must be present). B 2. A case challenging a statute as violating a person's rights under the U. S. Constitution. a. must be heard in a state court.…show more content…
a. must be heard in a state court. b. must be heard in a federal court. c. may be heard in either state or federal court. d. must be heard in the U. S. Court of Claims. A 7. The purpose of serving the summons and complaint is to a. give the defendant notice of the pending action against her. b. give the court jurisdiction over the defendant. c. give the court subject matter jurisdiction over the case. d. both a and b. _C_8. Criminal law a. is statutory law. b. places the burden of proof on the prosecutor. c. both a and b. d. none of the above. C 9. Before a rule promulgated by a federal agency becomes law, it must be a. published in final form in the Federal Register. b. approved by a Senate Oversight Committee. c. both a and b. d. none of the above. B 10. Which of the following was an administrator of the EPA during the second Bush administration? a. Christine Whitmire. b. Stephen Johnson. c. Both a and B. d. none of the above. D 11. Grand juries a. are used in only criminal cases. b. are used in only civil cases. c. are used to decide the facts in a case. d. both a and c. A 12. Administrative agencies are controlled by a. Congress' ability to

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