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Sergio Leal Political Science 2301 26 June 2016 Final Exam Essay (Topic 1) Within this class’s short amount of time, I have learned a great amount in what our government is as whole and what specific roles it has on our society. One of my favorite things that we were assigned was to go over the constitution and the amendments within the document, and although I had a fair share of knowledge of what it was about, there were a few new things that I had learned from sitting down and reading it. I was able to put things that have happened in history that was a result in the constitutions role in our laws and regulations, and I was also able to sort out what things went against the most important document in U.S. history. For this paper I will answer question by question from information I have attained from this class, and also from people’s point of views from the internet. The first question of this topic reads “Do you believe the constitution is a living document?” and before I state my opinion on this subject I would like to inform this reader on information I have come across as to why I have come to my opinion on whether the base of our rights and laws are either dead or alive in today’s world. As a living document there are many great arguments as to why it is. One of the best examples I found online is “Freedom of speech has evolved and changed and, as the Cincinnati Enquirer points out, there is a lot of evidence that initially freedom of speech was meant as a right
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