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1. (TCO A) Discuss the problem with grapevine communication within the workplace. How can organizations avoid the communication of false information? (Points : 25) Introduction: Grapevine communication is an informal form of communication in an organization. It flows in all directions irrespective of the hierarchy. This type of communication is sometime good and can be worst form of communication.There are many forms of formal communications in an organizations though employees prefer to communicate grapevine which can also form gossip.Generally such type of communications occur in the lower level of the organization and can impact the whole organizations efficiency hazardously. There may be different reasons for grapevine communication.…show more content…
>It is an unofficial way of communication which creates gossips and unconfirmed reports. >One of the major problem with grapevine communication is the non productivity of the employees. As the employees prefer to gossip rather to work. >It may lead to hostility against the top level management and executives. >Grapevine communication may lead into providing negative information about the organization and its management. which may effect the goodwill of the organization. It takes lot of effort to build goodwill and due to such non-formal communications. we see some times management coming upfront to clarify such non factual reports. Eradicating and avoiding false information through grapevine communication : >It is always advisable that managers and supervisors avoid attending such informal discussions. As this may help in creating no vacuum to the information. >Providing more productive work to employees can help avoiding grapevine for certain time, as employees stay busy with their work. >Installation of time clocks for monitoring the breaks and activities done. For example, the company where i work has a software which monitors each and every activity performed on my desktop from clicking a particular thing to browsing websites and monitors my break times > It is always advisable that managers communicate effectively, as inefficient communication can also lead to
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