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Final Exam HRDV 5700 Career Management Recommendation 1. Executive Summary A brief summary of your recommendation and key points 2. Recommendation I am recommending a restructuring of employee mentorship and incentive programs to increase employee morale and decrease turnover. a) Mandatory Employee Goal Statements b) Upper Management Mentorship * Twice a Quarter Upper Management team members will provide employees with Goal feedback and assessment * Twice a Quarter Mini Management Training Seminars c) Goal Completion Incentive Packages for Sales Team Members * Sales workers will receive predetermined incentives for meeting company sales goals d) Employee Commitment…show more content…
c) Arbill, a Philadelphia-based workplace-safety consultancy, takes that observation to heart. The company boosts morale by giving the troops more responsibility. "We created employee committees to do things like set up a health fair, a food co-op and other [projects]," says chief executive Julie Copeland. d) But the extra work doesn't just make people feel good. "Watching how employees manage these committees helps us create a great bench of leaders for the company," says Copeland. e) Taking an interest in your employees also means investing in their future. That's why training and development opportunities are energizing perks. Check out the local community colleges and university-extension departments for affordable classes, and foot part or all of the tuition for eager employees. f) Company picnics? Chuck them. Employees don't care--in fact, they find them a burden. Better to grant the flexibility for personal time to handle family obligations. Four-day work weeks are becoming popular (though they come with their own complications). If possible, consider letting people work from home one day a week--with gas at $4 a gallon, that savings will feel a like a holiday bonus. * Solutions for Battling Employee Turnover According to a) Surveys Employee satisfaction surveys can get

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