Final Exam: Investing and Retirement

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Final Exam: Investing and Retirement The last few years have displayed no shortage of uncertain times in the market, economy and rate of employment. Thus, in this day and age, planning a retirement strategy requires one to engage in strategies that are both smart and safe. Given the modest amount of money that I have to invest ($25,000), I would like to avoid betting big on any one asset in the future. Thus, for me, given the attitudes that I have about the stock market and the economy in the nation and world, I should probably work with a fund manager so that I can have "…the freedom to move nimbly in and out of almost any asset class, anywhere in the world" (Marte, 2011). This way, I don't have to put all of my confidence in just a couple forms of stock; by spreading my money around I'll be able to establish a bigger safety net and a greater amount of peace of mind. The types of investments I would most likely make would be in 'world allocation' funds which refer to portfolios that create a blend of stocks, bonds, currencies and other assets (Marte, 2011). According to Marilyn Plum, a leader in portfolio management at Ballou Plum Wealth Advisors, "Things move very quickly and it just gives them a lot of flexibility to move where the growth is," (Marte, 2011). These world allocation funds have been steadily growing in popularity and I truly think it's because of the uncertain economic times we've been in. While the economy is bound to stabilize at some point, until it

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