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1. Reducing consumer choices makes service more efficient. TRUE 2. Product failures can be easier to remedy with modular design. TRUE 3. A service blueprint is quite similar to an architectural drawing. TRUE 4. Applied research is the major R&D effort of business organizations because of the desire for commercial application. TRUE 5. Life-cycle assessment involves incorporating where the product or service is in its life-cycle into system-design decision-making. FALSE 6. A disadvantage of global teams for product design is that: ease of face to face meetings 7. Which of the following statements about CAD is not true? E. used successfully by manufacturing companies 8. The…show more content…
On average of 45 minutes is needed to reset this product. What is the product avail? In excess of .9 but not in the excess of .95 16. Quality of design refers to the degree to which goods and services achieve the intent of the designers. FALSE 17. Reducing the variations in our product or services is an important key to perceived quality TRUE 18. The dimensions of product and service quality are too abstract to be applied to be applied operationally TRUE 19. Firms that wish to do business with the European Community can benefit from having a quality management system that needs ISO 9000 standards TRUE 20. Which of the following is not a goal of process improvement? Identifying the cause of the problem 21. If the customer satisfaction doesn’t always lead to customer loyalty firms may need to focus additional effort on ____ strategies. Retention; base marketing 22. If a point on a control chart falls outside one of the control limits, this suggests that the process output is non-random and should be investigated. TRUE 23. The variation of a sampling distribution is tighter than the variation of the underlying process distribution. TRUE 24. Range control charts are used to monitor process central tendency. TRUE 25. Quality of conformance is concerned with whether a product or service conforms to its specifications. 26. A control chart is used to monitor the fraction of defectives generated by a process is the:
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