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Access Control Project Access Control: IS3230 By: Phil Kurutz & Nathan Gleed April 22, 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION: 1.1 Project Title 1.2 Project Schedule Summary 1.3 Project Deliverables 1.4 Project Guides 1.5 Project Team Members 1.6 Purpose 1.7 Goals and Objectives 2 Risks and Vulnerabilities 2.1 Overall 2.2 Billings, Montana 2.3 Warsaw, Poland 3 Proposed Budget 4 IDI Proposed Solution 4.1 Billings, Montana 4.2 Warsaw, Poland 5 Drawings 6 Conclusions INTRODUCTION 1.1 Title of the project Access Control Proposal Project 1.2 Project schedule summary The project will be a multi-year phased approach to have all sites (except JV and SA) on the same hardware and software platforms. 1.3 Project…show more content…
Also, over 350 modifications have been made to the core engine and the license agreement has expired. Progressive upgrading to the current version will be required. As a result, renewing this product will be extremely cost and time-prohibitive.  RouteSim is a destination delivery program used to simulate routes, costs, and profits. It is not integrated into Logisuite or Oracle financials to take advantage of the databases for real-time currency valuation and profit or loss projections.  IDI’s office automation hardware and software has not been standardized. Managers have too much liberty to buy what they want according to personal preferences.  Other software problems include early versions of MS Office 5, WordPerfect 7.0, and PC-Write that are not compatible.  Telecommunications has not been since the company moved its current headquarters 15 years ago. This has left many of the new features for telecommunications lacking and not integrated with the customer service database to improve call management efficiency. The generic system was acquired from a service provider who is now out of business.  Policies for personal devices are being ignored by many of the executives who have local administrators install the clients on their unsupported, non-standard personal laptop computers and workstations that interface with the internet. These devices  The original WAN was designed by in the early 2000’s

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