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Final Assignment Judy Greenfield June 9, 2012 Fred Heppding POS/110 Democracy in America Democracy in America is something that has been the topic of the news for many years. It has caused many debates among several different individuals. Democracy, like anything, has its pros and its cons as well. In the following paragraphs will be the tip of the iceberg of some things that are debatable about democracy in America. One topic in particular that has been debated is the Constitution. The Constitution was written in 1787. The Constitution is a nation’s basic laws. It creates political institutions and divides or assigns power among governments (Edwards, Wattenberg, & Lineberry, 2008). When the Constitution…show more content…
The president has people that he has appointed in helping him make decision that discussing things and debate about them. A vote is taken and if it is approved it is passed if not, then it is declined. The president is in charge of declaring war and sending troops over to other countries. This is a power that should be left to a special appointed leader of the military. This job should be for someone that has military and firsthand experience with dealing with the troops and can give 100% of their focus to military decisions. The president has enough decisions to make, therefore, the decision should be left to someone with more experience. Besides the president having too much power another thing that has the American people buzzing is bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is a hierarchical authority structure, in which power flows from the top down and responsibility flows from the bottom up; it uses task specialization so that experts instead of amateurs perform technical jobs; and it develops extensive rules, which may seem extreme at times but which allow similar cases to be handled similarly instead of capriciously (Edwards, Wattenberg, & Lineberry, 2008). An example of a bureaucrat is a person who may work at the tag agency. This person is employed by the government. A con to having bureaucracy is all the red-tape one must go through to get something done. Having a boat tagged and ready for summer is a process one must go through to have that boat legal and ready.
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