Final Exam Questions : 139 Deaf Culture

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Final Exam Questions-CDDS 139 Deaf Culture
2. Describe the ways in which Deaf culture is different from American culture in terms of communication and sharing of information. Deaf culture is different from American culture in a variety of ways. First off, the way these two cultures communicate is quite different. In Deaf culture, individuals communicate using ASL while in American culture individuals communicate mainly in English. Secondly, American culture is an individualist culture where sharing personal information is not common and viewed as inappropriate. This is why in American culture individuals have a saying TMI, which stands for too much information, and is a perfect example of how American culture doesn’t like to share information. Hence American culture believes in independence, self-reliance, and right of the individual as most important. In Deaf culture, they are more of a collectivist culture and personal information sharing is very common and expected. Hence they believe in what is right should be done for the group so they can all prosper and survive. Another reason why Deaf culture values information sharing is because they benefit from it more. In Deaf culture, they do not have the advantage of over hearing personal information. So instead they rely on one another to fill in the gaps of information they are missing. Other ways Deaf culture is different than American culture is in how we share information. In American culture, individuals tend to censor

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