Final Exam Questions On Class Is506-2015 Summerii

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FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS FOR CLASS IS506-2015-SUMMERII ANSWER THE 4 QUESTIONS ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES. BEFORE REVIEWING THE QUESTIONS, PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING ISSUES-- Be as specific and detailed as you can. You will NOT be graded on the volume of your work; rather, you will be graded on: 1) accuracy of your answers; 2) thoroughness of your analysis; and 3) attention to detail. Additionally, you should document your analysis in a professional manner which means to: 1) use complete sentences; 2) use correct grammar; 3) eliminate typographical errors; and 4) document in a professional manner. After you complete all areas of the Assignment, you will need to submit ALL forms referred to in the questions as well as your analysis and scripts in D2L. While all of the questions relate to the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) document that is included in the final exam zip file, you do NOT need to read this case study from start to finish. Rather, you would refer to the BIA and search for information based on the questions that you are to answer. Finally, any type of plagiarism will automatically earn you an F. DePaul defines this in a variety of ways: 1) Using word-for-word information from another source, such as information from the Internet, magazine, etc. and using it as it is your own information. However, you can use such information, if reference the source by documenting the name of the author, article/source name, date of the article, book, etc. 2) The

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