Final Exam Review Sheet M L 3250

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M&L 3250: Principles of Marketing
Dr. Rebecca Reczek
FINAL exam review sheet

General Comments on Exam:

Exam will be over all material covered in class to date. This includes both material covered in class and material covered in the text book or on MyMarketingLab.
Exam is worth 150 points (75 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each).
~20 of the questions will be over the material covered before the midterm. The remaining ~55 questions will be over the material covered since the midterm.
You have the normal class time to complete the exam.

Exam Day Procedure:

Given the size of this class, it is necessary to establish a set of routine behaviors for the day of the exam - your cooperation here is necessary and appreciated. You must
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high-low pricing – Walmart vs. JCPennies
Odd-even pricing – Using numbers to trick and fuck people into thinking goods are cheaper
Price-quality relationship – Price and quality go hand in hand
Loss leader pricing – Setting prices near or below cost to attract bitches
Legal and ethical aspects of pricing – Price fixing

Chapter 12 (Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value):

How do channel members add value? Provide information, promotion, or put business in contact with potential customers.
Direct marketing channels – Distributes directly to customers
Indirect marketing channels – Market intermediaries deliver goods for the producer
Channel conflict – Disagreements among marketing channel members
Channel design decisions – Company VMS: Completely owned by the company
Contractual VMS – Linked through contracts
Franchise Organization – Franchisor links several stages in the production-distribution process
Types of distribution: intensive – Stocking the product in as many outlets as possible vs. selective – In between amount of type of distribution vs. exclusive – Giving a limited number of dealers the exclusive right to distribute the
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