Final Exam Sample Questions Chp 1-7 Essay

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Final Exam -- Chapters 1-7 I have placed the Final Exam and the Final Exam Answer Sheet on the Home Page of the course. Download the Final Exam and Final Exam Answer Sheet to your computer. Please submit your completed Final Exam Answer Sheet in the Assignment Drop Box located in the Assignments section of the using the following file name format: "lastname _final_exam.doc" (for example, "smith _final_exam.doc"). The Final Exam Answer Sheet is due by Friday, 1/21/11 at midnight--no exceptions. Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The real meaning of relationships is usually made up from: a.|everyday talk and nonverbal communication| b.|dramatic events that…show more content…
The least sophisticated communication models are: a.|transactional| b.|interactional| c.|linear| d.|bifocal| e.|directional| ____ 6. Bart tries to concentrate during a particularly difficult lecture, but finds that he is more focused on the instructor's unique dialect and delivery style. This is an example of: a.|noise| b.|feedback| c.|transaction| d.|social diversity| e.|both A and C| ____ 7. The study of communication is more than ____ years old. a.|3000| b.|4100| c.|5000| d.|3200| e.|2500| ____ 8. Why was Plato suspicious of rhetoric? a.|The possibility of its misuse| b.|All citizens might learn how to speak persuasively| c.|It would be the demise of the Academy| d.|It was too difficult for the average person to learn| e.|He was suspicious for all of the above reasons| ____ 9. The first known theorists and teachers of rhetoric or persuasive speaking were: a.|Corax and Isocrates| b.|Isocrates and Plato| c.|Corax and Tisias| d.|Isocrates and Tisias| e.|Plato and Tisias| ____ 10. Stuart has just started preparing a speech for his communication class. He has selected a topic and is thinking about the kind of arguments and evidence he might use in his speech. Stuart is focusing on which canon of public speaking? a.|Invention| b.|Organization| c.|Style| d.|Memory| e.|Delivery| ____ 11. The study of communication, power, and empowerment; especially as it relates to the issue of who is and who is not allowed to speak

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