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Final Exam: SPSS Assignment Stephani Johns-Hines Liberty University Final Exam: SPSS Assignment In completion of the final requirements for Advanced Educational Statistics (Rockinson-Szapkiw, 2014), an assignment was provided requiring a statistical overview in APA form, drawing upon the skills and comprehension developed over the duration of this course. This overview was to be established based on appropriate SPSS analyses, and subsequent data provided in APA format. Case Study 1 The research scenario presents the background of a university which requires a faith based orientation course with a religious commitment focus. Data collected and analyzed from this indicates that students’ experience an increase in intrinsic religious…show more content…
Variables. Variables of interest: • Interval/ratio – religious commitment • Interval/ratio – faith development Testing and Assumptions For the purposes of determining the strength of the linear relationship between the two quantitative variables, Pearson r was selected as the appropriate test. Preliminary analysis showed that there were no violations of bivariate normality (see Figures 1 and 2). Figure 1. Figure 2. A scatterplot reflects the preliminary analysis performed to ensure there were no violations of the assumptions of linearity of homoscedasticity (see Figure 3). Figure 3. Results Analysis using Pearson’s r confirms the decision to reject the null hypothesis that there is no significant relationship between students’ faith development and religious commitment (N = 40). N no violations of assumptions of normality, homoscedasticity or linearity were revealed by the preliminary analysis, however, the final results indicated that a strong, positive correlation existed between faith development (M = 2.40, SD = 1.06) and religious commitment (M = 29.92, SD = 6.75), r (39) = .86, p < .01. The interpretation of this data leads to the conclusion that higher levels of religious commitment are associated with higher levels of faith development. Case Study 2 Research Question: is there a statically significant difference in students’ faith development from the time of entrance to now (Leak, Loucks, & Bowlin, 1999)? Null Hypothesis H00 No

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