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History of Art 3521: Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art
Final Study Guide

I decided to prepare this sheet as a short description of some of the important themes that we’ve taken up in lecture in the second half of the quarter. In preparation for our final, I would recommend reviewing your notes and textbook, putting together answers to each of these. Indeed, if you have good answers in your head (making use of examples shown in class) for each question, you should do well.

1. How was Michelangelo different from Leonardo, especially in respect to naturalism, and why did Leonardo look down on Michelangelo? How did Leonardo think he could improve the naturalism of painting (think in part about sfumato here)? Why did
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How did both Bronzino and Cellini make art about art while still serving Duke Cosimo’s political ambitions in their work?
Cellini’s Perseus (Perseus brought into the world by slaying medusa and releasing Pegasus)
this is art about art by referencing the importance of the arts, and bringing them back to Florence.
Bronzino= Eleanora of Toledo=display of artistic virtuosity while still showing that Cosomo has heirs so his family’s dominance and rule will live on.

7. What was the Counter-Reformation and what did it mean for art? Did Michelangelo endeavor to participate in the reform of the church through his art? What two aspects of art came into conflict during the Counter-Reformation (for example, in the work of Veronese)?

8. What is special about 16th century Venetian art? Did Venetian arts keep on doing what they had done or did they take their art in new directions? What is the difference between disegno and colorito? Which cities and artists were associated with these terms and why? How did Titian change religious art and could these changes be connected to the Counter-Reformation? How does the art of Tintoretto differ from that of Veronese?
Venician artists focused on eye witness style
Tintorretto (Annunciation/St.Mark rescues slave)
*cramped view, puts you into the action
*counter reformation lovers would love Tintoretto

Varenase (feast in the house of Levi)

9. What are the two

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