Final Examination For The Psychology Of Personality

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Final Examination for the Psychology of Personality

Summer 2015
Due Date: 7-28-15 at 11:59pm

Seham Azzamel
Dr. Elbedour

College of School of Psychology

Washington, DC

Question 1
Personality Traits Personality is defined as “consistent behavior patterns and intrapersonal processes originating within the individual” (Burger, 2010, p. 4). In order to measure personality, psychologists focus on personality traits. Personality traits are simply actions, attitudes, and behaviors an individual possess. These traits are the elements that make up each individual’s personality. There are five most widely accepted traits of personality (Pappas, 2013):
• Openness
• Conscientiousness
• Extraversion
• Agreeableness
• Neuroticism
Gordon Allport’s View of Personal Dispositions
According to Gordon Allport, personal dispositions are the basic unit of personality. Personal dispositions are actually general characteristics unique to an individual. Allport acknowledged three overlapping levels of personal dispositions: cardinal dispositions, central dispositions, and secondary dispositions. Out of these three kinds of dispositions, the most general dispositions are cardinal dispositions. These disposition dominates an individual’s whole life, and they cannot be concealed from other people (Cherry, n.d). Allport argues,“Dispositions are never wholly consistent. What a bore it would be if they were – and what chaos if they were not at all…
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