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When Final Fantasy XII released for PlayStation 2 in early 2006, the game sought to introduce a new style of play and to revolutionize the long-running franchise. To achieve this extraordinary task, Square Enix had to break the conventions of Final Fantasy – like by introducing a real-time combat system, and bet on an original and risky concept. In the end, the gamble paid off and Final Fantasy XII was a success; however, the title quickly became a divisive topic of conversation amidst the gaming community.
With a decade having passed since the original release, many of the Final Fantasy XII’s revolutionary ideas are now commonplace in the RPG genre. What was new and strange to us in 2006 is now a gaming standard, and that makes 2017 the
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The core of Final Fantasy XII remains the same, but refinements make The Zodiac Age a more enjoyable journey when compared to the original release. The first thing people will notice are the improved visuals. Character models have been improved, as well as towns and outdoor environments. Though some of the texture work looks flat, the visual upgrade is quite impressive.
The second thing people will notice is the revamped soundtrack. Final Fantasy has a longstanding tradition of producing masterful soundtracks, and the music for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is among the best the series has to offer.
Arguably, the most substantial improvement is found in the newly refined and streamlined approach given the game’s job system. The License Board of Final Fantasy XII was clumsy and a source of frustration, but it has been improved in The Zodiac Age. Final Fantasy XII provided all six characters with identical License Board, but that has been changed for the better. The License Board now differs for each job; thus allowing the player to select skills and other upgrades with ease. This may sound like a minor alteration, but simplifying the job system permits the player to make changes more quickly and not become bogged down by a convoluted system.
A welcome addition presented in the game is the option to increase the game’s speed. If you are familiar with the

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