Final: Future of Policing Paper

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Jessica Couture
Final: Future of policing paper

The biggest issue that effects policing is technology. Technology is at a rise and growing at an incredible rate. Technology advancement gives criminals a whole new way or an easier way to commit crimes. Eventually technology is going to take away jobs from our police officers and other individuals working in law enforcement. We are no longer going to need police officers out on patrol monitoring traffic, we have high speed cameras to detect incident detection, and vehicle counting, traffic flow monitoring and even people who violate traffic laws like speeding, running red lights and stop signs.
The technology only gets better with the better quality of
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Changes that need to be in place to ensure effectiveness of these critical issues is met would be starting with collecting intelligence about possible and likely terrorist attacks. Intelligence collection is so important for combating terrorism. Sometimes a little bit of information can go a long way, to further make up a bigger picture. Possessing this type of information isn’t going to put an end to terrorism by any means but it will lead into action. It will be more effective when it’s shared with other law enforcement agencies all over the world. The more information that others know it is easier to work together to prevent an attack etc. Another change that needs to be made is to ensure that targets are protected. I know that ever since September 11th security was on a rise for a little while. Now that so many years have gone by the security has dwindled away. For example the security at airports. A few years after that terrorist attack the airports were so efficient with searches and making sure that everyone was safe and no one got past them with any weapons etc. Homeland security was on top of their game. Many years later, things are back to the way they use to be before that attack. I believe that they need to ensure the safety of places like this as much as they do court houses or government buildings. Law enforcement needs to take technology and use it to their advantage in this situation and
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