Final Integrative Case Study Garlinda

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The Final Integrative Paper will use the given case study of Garlinda and use the course readings for the course, Vocational Formation for Church and Leadership. The paper will be based on much of the content shared in the Conflict Paper and will discuss and view new possibilities according to the reading for the Spring Semester, 2016. Since in my previous paper, I discussed the personality differences of the people involved in Garlindas’ case study, I will pay attention to few other things concerning the possibilities of building a better Church. Pointing to Garlinda’s case study, I am reminded of the fact that no matter it is Garlinda the pastor of the congregation, Wanda, the church organist, the board members , or myself, the one of the…show more content…
I agree with this idea because that is what Christians are called to do. Here, I would like to use the words of the Senior Pastor at my Field Site, Rev. Steve Nicholson that “Church is a family,” and connecting with my personal idea about a tree as the Church, and the people working in different groups, like the small groups, which can be the Bible study groups, free food and pantry groups, social justice out-reach groups, the board members or the Special Relations Committee, (SPRC) all are like the roots of that tree. If the roots of that tree are healthy, the tree would be able to bear fruit and fulfill its purpose of being…show more content…
The other concept is hospitality. As one of Garlinda’s peer consultant, I would have suggested that she might want to introduce a new offer to the congregation and that is a new link to the chain of music ministry. I would suggest Garlinda to introduce this offer stating that the church really appreciates Wanda, her services and her gift of music to the ministry, and would like Wanda to lead a small group for the music lovers who love to learn traditional church songs that are no longer in the hymn books. This might please Wanda that she has not been pushed out of the church bluntly but has still retain her place in the church where the church founding members really appreciate her. IN addition, Wanda would work in collaboration with another/new music director who would direct music with Wanda. To make the music more innovative, there would be duets where some songs would still have Wanda’s old church songs in an innovative ways. Since this style of innovation is not new to me personally, I would able to suggest this through a face book or other media

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