Final: Internal Control and Data

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Claudine Perez ACC 340 Final Examination 1. The essential steps in performing a systems study are (in order of occurrence): a) Analysis, design, implementation and initial operation, follow‑up b) Design, planning, follow‑up, analysis, and implementation c) Planning, system specification, analysis, production, implementation d) Planning, analysis, design, implementation, and follow‑up 2. Which of the following is intended to solve the problem that financial data used in one application is not easily transferable to other applications? a) XMP b) ERP c) XBRL d) XMLP 3. Information systems auditors are: a) Auditors who are concerned with analyzing risks associated with…show more content…
Which of the following is not a concern of the financing process? a) Effective cash management b) Optimizing an organization’s cost of capital c) Minimizing an organization’s borrowings d) Projecting cash flows 14. Business process reengineering efforts sometimes fail because: a. Management gets too involved in the process e) Management is too optimistic regarding its expectations from its implementation b. Management support can never overcome employee resistance c. Employees will never accept change 15. Which of the following technologies are now used in conjunction with automated production process systems to increase efficiencies? a) Radio frequency technology b) Bar code scanners c) RF IDs and advanced electronic tags d) all of the above e) none of the above 16. According to the chapter, which of these statements is most accurate? a) Most computer abuse is performed as retaliation against employers b) Very little computer crime is committed for personal gain c) Some computer abuse is performed simply to meet a challenge d) We catch most computer abusers with good accounting controls 17.Which of the following is probably the primary reason accountants should be concerned about computer crime and abuse? a) They might lose their job if they don’t detect computer crime or abuse in their organization b) They might lose their professional credibility and license if computer crime or abuse continues for a long time in their organization and they do not detect it
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