Final International Emergency Disaster Management

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Final International Emergency Disaster Management FES6735 Dr. Lindsey David A. Kennedy University of Florida Abstract Through the years, many countries have adopted the same guidelines when it comes to emergency management. The system is ever changing with the types of hazards countries have to deal with, and so is the knowledge to mitigate them. As counties adopt this universal system, it provides them with an easier way to give and receive outside aid before, throughout and after an event or disaster. Although very similar there seems to always be some differences around the world. Emergency management and disaster response in France is very similar to the United States. Because of these similarities each country…show more content…
• The Minister is assisted by the defense senior civil servants and the Interdepartmental Crisis Management Operations Centre in fulfilling his task of coordinating emergency resources. • At national level, the general task of the Directorate of Civil Defense and Security (DSC) is to protect the State, persons and property in response to threats of aggression by emerging dangers and against risks, disasters of all kinds and catastrophes, it also takes part in environmental protection. Zonal • The zone prefect co-ordinates the emergency resources in the defense zone. • He has the Interregional Civil Security Operational Co-ordination Centre (COZ) at his disposal in fulfilling this task. • He is assisted in the preparation of rescue measures by the General Secretariat of the Defense Zone and the Civil Security Zone Headquarters Staff. • Centers on public safety (COZ) are established in Marseilles, Lyon, Rennes, Bordeaux, Metz and Paris. Inside each defense area, the COZ ensures the coordination of the aid and rescue operations under the authority of the area prefect. Departmental • The departmental prefect implements the public and private emergency resources and co-ordinates these resources in the department. • He has the Departmental Operations Centre of the Fire and Emergency Services at his disposal. • If a crisis arises, three new operational centers are activated; one at the Ministry of
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