Final Internship Report

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This internship required a lot of research and various tasks to complete and provided an excellent learning experience around the various activities required to install a new system in a new satellite branch office. This report will outline the following:
• Overview of the 3 Primary Phases completed
• Explanation of what was learned
• Project Task List
• Associated Costs Breakdown and Explanation
• Hardware Invoice
• Basic Network Diagram
• Floorplan of New Office
• Finished Installation Pictures

3 Project Phase Explanation
As mentioned in the first report, most of the planning process was completed before I began working on the new site project. I spent time with my supervisor to get a better understanding of the requirements of the company, proposed task list for the project, and begin planning the remainder of the project before ordering and installation.
In terms of planning, there are a number of things that needed to be done beyond just planning the technical components, hardware and software, and configuration of a new server/system. We had to call a number of different representatives from various companies such as utility companies, computer and server supply companies, property owners, and others to ensure all of the proper…
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