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WATER QUALITY 1 Water Quality and Contamination SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment Water Quality and Contamination Abstract In this experiment water quality and contamination of groundwater were investigated. First, I will observe the effects that many pollutants have on groundwater. I predict that in this experiment the oil and vinegar will create the largest quality of contamination to the water, while the laundry detergent will just create a bad smell to it. Considering the smells and thickness to these ingredients I think that it will cause the water quality to have a bad smell and cause the water to be very cloudy. Once filtering the contaminated water, the water will be clear and purified. Second, I…show more content…
For humans, the main ways that contaminants can enter our bodies are by ingestion, inhalation and direct contact, for example, by absorption through the skin (Epa. (August 09, 2011). It is important to note that groundwater and surface water may act both as pathways. Evaluation of surface and ground waters as part of contaminated site investigation studies is, therefore, a major concern. Methods: In order to determine my final hypothesis I had to experiment many different methods. The first method was to experiment the effects of groundwater contamination. My first step to this method was to gather all the proper materials which included water, vegetable oil, vinegar, laundry detergent, and 240 mL of soil, cheesecloth and beakers. I started by labeling all the beakers 1-8, so that I can do comparisons and so forth. Then, I carried on to filling the beakers with water. Once adding water I then put oil, vinegar and laundry detergent into three different beakers, then mixed them and recording my observations. After this task was complete I then drained the contaminated water into cheesecloth and recorded my observations from that as well. In the second experiment, I filtered water in a similar matter as to how water is properly filtered in order to purify it to drink it. The materials used in this experiment were 100 mL potting soil, beakers, 40 mL sand, 20 mL activated charcoal, 60 mL Gravel, alum, bleach, cheesecloth,
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