Final Literacy Statement . I Have Learned A Vast Amount

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Final literacy statement I have learned a vast amount of knowledge after taking this literacy course. My perspective on literacy now, have developed into a notion that literacy is needed for a student’s success. My outlook on adolescent literacy is still that it has wide range of different perspectives. Literacy is the basic method of understanding the material. I define literacy to be composed of several components such as: comprehension, communication, reading, critical thinking, and analyzing. According to “Why is literacy important?” (2017, March 24) The power of literacy lies not just in the ability to read and write, but rather in a person’s capacity to apply these skills to effectively connect, interpret and discern the…show more content…
Scientific literacy is not defined by what the person knows in science but defined by how they perceive the information that is given. Nevertheless, in my content area literacy skills could be life or death. In science when dealing with chemicals individuals must read thoroughly. It is easy to misread a chemical that can be hazardous and mistake it for one that is not. For example, hydrogen peroxide and dihydrogen monoxide are two different chemicals, but could easily get mixed up by a student. Another situation where literacy plays an important role in science is understanding the directions. If a student does not comprehend the directions accordingly, then they may be misinformed on what to do with the assignment. In addition to these particular literacy skills, the ability to analyze is also crucial to the scientific field. One of the first objectives, students learn in science is the scientific method. The key component in the scientific method is the hypothesis and the ability to analyze the results. Students who lack the ability to analyze text or results will most likely not understand what occurred in the experiment. They will also not be able to elaborate and discuss their results. A great intervention to reduce error and to build on student’s literacy skills is to provide students with
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