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Running head: MARKETING PLAN

Marketing Plan: Acai-A-Vie Soft Drink
Nancy Katz
October 28, 2010
Week 6

Marketing Plan Acai-A-Vie soft drink is an organic berry fruit juice made into a soft drink. It is full of antioxidants and contains not only an exclusive blend of the powerful acai berry, but also contains nineteen other nutritious fruits. Each of these fruits provides the body with the antioxidants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whole Foods Market is a specialty organic health food store located all over the country as well as in Canada and in the United Kingdom. This paper will introduce, offer and launch the Acai-A-Vie soft drink to Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods Market is planning to reposition the product
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Sampling can also happen through events and experiences. Since Whole Foods is doing wine and cheese tasting parties, she could do Acai-A-Vie soft drink taste sharing party. Whole Foods can also draw attention to her store by putting banners up for the new product and putting up balloons and get the media’s attentions to her store when she is having a taste sharing party. This way Whole Foods and the new product can be on TV and she will get free advertising. Also, Whole Foods could build the product image through public relations by spreading the word of mouth. If one person has a good experience with the product, that person could possibly spread the word to fifty other people. Finally, Whole Foods can have direct marketing strategy by sending email offers to individuals on mailing lists through the internet.
The distribution would be from the manufacturer and sold directly to Whole Foods Market. Not only would this be less costly, but it would save time since it would not be going through many different “middlemen”.
The price for Acai-A-Vie soft drink will be twenty dollars per bottle. The justification for the price is that it is full of antioxidants that are great for the body and is very beneficial to one’s health in order to stay fit and overall healthy. The projected sales forecast for Acai-A-Vie soft drink is twenty-eight percent for the first two years.

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