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Strategy Positioning Paper MKT421 Knox October 6, 2014 Susan Craver Strategy Positioning Paper Apple is one of the most innovative companies that were ever created to surface our technology world. Founder created it Steve Jobs and two others in 1976. Apple is an “American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, online services, and personal computers” ("Apple Inc.", 2014).Apple is most known for its hardware products such as the Mac computer, IPod, IPad, and the infamous IPhone smart phones, just to name a few. The sleek design of all these products mentioned, is one of the major components that separates this line from…show more content…
According to Porter’s five competitive forces, however there may be a significant amount of competition almost immediately. Because of the fact that mobile device industry is so profitable there will surely be a number of threats of new entrants as has been the case for almost all advancements in the industry. One thing that Apple does have however is an extremely loyal customer base, which will certainly help with the success of the launch of the product. Apple customers are so loyal in fact, that some actually camp out in front of stores in anticipation of the release of a new product, in particular the iPhone. The threat of substitute products or services is also very prevalent and in fact to some degree already available. There are both portable chargers and flash drives already available however not as a combination, which is where our product is different from any other. There is also the factor of bargaining powers, both of the customers as well as the suppliers. Apple has a substantial production and distribution operation however, whenever a new device is introduced there is inevitably a backlog because of the popularity of the product. This in essence would create a bargaining power for the customer however since Apple is so popular and established it does not. This might however create a bargaining power for the suppliers because they know that the demand for the product is huge and they could possibly play on that to charge more to
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