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Introduction The overall team process of MGI seems dysfunctional and ineffective; members forming the MGI team brought a variety of skills set resulting from the multi-talented compositions, diversity in ethnic backgrounds, close personal relationships and a shared desire for the product. The main task for the team was to launch a product at the Harvard Business School (HBS) business plan contest, however, the team has failed in delivering such product for the lack of group roles, defining objectives and facilitating communication among themselves. The MGI lacked a manager to lead the group assignments and making sure every task is performed for the best interest of the group; which is completing the task in the given time frame. There…show more content…
A competitive climate in a group creates conflicts and negative energy towards certain group members depending on each individual. For example, the relationship between Sasha and Dana; Sasha always thought Dana did not know what she was talking about, also Dana always disagreed with whatever Sasha had to say. (Polzer, 2003) Analysis of team Introduction of teams A team can be defined as an organized, task focused group. While a group is defined as two or more people together connected via social relationships. Teams have specific goals in a focused task setting, specialized roles and it is a part of a larger organization. (Dainton, 2014) At the MGI team case, the group knew exactly what they wanted but they did not know how to do it. They had a task focus and a specific goal, which is to launch their product. However, there were too many conflicts to perform the task. They have gathered themselves as a group from the beginning with a shared interest, but when the group started to perform as a team, the conflicts rose and created miscommunication among the team members that affected the outcome of the tasks to be achieved. Based on the definition of teams as given by Dainton, 2014; there are three different types of teams: * Problem solving: in this type, teams tend to use the thinking approach, be more thoughtful and brain storming to solve the issues. *

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