Final: Motivation and Self-actualization B. Self-actualization

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PSY 320: Human Motivation
Final Exam

Instructions: This exam contains 50 questions. Each question is worth ½ point. Please select the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. There is only one best answer although some answers may appear similar. Please make your choice by changing the font color of your answer for each question. Your choice must be clear. If no answer is marked, or if your choice is unclear, the qu estion will be marked as incorrect.

1. Characteristics of adult learners typically include all but which one of the following?
a. have accumulated life experience
b. have established opinions, values, and beliefs
c. are intrinsically motivated
d. enjoy soda and chips
e. desire
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e. monetary compensation

14. According to Whittlesey, which of the following is not a component of the changing workforce?
a. employees’ needs and desires are changing more quickly
b. workers are not as closely supervised
c. employers provide fewer safety and security needs than they used to
d. employees are more motivated than they were 20 years ago
e. workers have more independence

15. According to Barbara Parus, which of the following is not a component of a total rewards program?
a. work environment
b. pay
c. learning and development
d. friendship
e. compensation

16. According to Herzberg’s two-factor theory, which of the following is not considered a hygiene factor?
a. working conditions
b. salary
c. recognition
d. coworker relationships
e. compensation

17. When the personal mission of employees conforms/matches the mission of the organization, Stephen Covey refers to this as…
a. co-mingling
b. co-responsibility
c. co-ordinating
d. co-missioning
e. co-achieving

18. Self-actualization is most closely associated with which theorist?
a. Locke
b. Maslow
c. Rogers
d. Freud
e. Jung

19. A Theory _____ view of human behavior holds that employees naturally want to be productive, want to achieve, and are capable of problem solving. On the other hand, a Theory _____ view of human behavior holds that employees dislike work, avoid responsibility, and must be forced to do a good job.
a. X, Z
b. Y, X
c. A, B
d. X, Y
e. Z, X

20. According to the text, “The
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