Final Paper Assignment : Presidential Election

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Final Paper Assignment Option #1 The 2016 election was one that certainly deviated from what most people think of when they think of a “typical” election. This election was a deeply partisan election that became more about disliking the other candidate than voting on issues or for a specific candidate. The 2016 Presidential Election surprised many experts, according to most polls and experts this election was supposed to be a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton, but due to the Democratic Party being out of touch with the working-class and Midwest voters Donald Trump was able to upset Hillary Clinton to win the election. This election was very much a partisan election, in an exit poll conducted by the New York Times it shows that 90% of Republicans voted for Donald Trump while 89% of Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton. In the same poll it also showed that while those who voted for Hillary Clinton much more strongly favored their candidate than those who voted for Donald Trump, at the same time, those who disliked the other candidate more strongly, voted for Donald Trump (Huang et al.). This shows that many people voted for Trump not because they liked him but because they disliked him less than they disliked Clinton. If more people who voted for Donald Trump did so because they disliked Hillary Clinton than those who voted for Hillary Clinton because they disliked Donald Trump it means that Trump was seen as more of a lesser of two evils by many who voted for him. This
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