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Labor-Management relationships Case # 1: Management campaigns and Union organizing at KCOM-KOCH Medical, Inc. Question 1(a) The strategy that KCOM-KOHC utilized in dealing with labor’s attempt to unionize was closely associated with the union substitution model. Communications strategy: to improve communication between top management, middle management and employees. Wage survey strategy: undertook a wage survey study to improve the company’s compensation plan. Retained a Labor relations Law firm: The firm had previous experience in antiunion tactics. Conducted interviews to determine how the supervisors and managers felt about the union campaign. Identify what they felt were the key issues to * Use the information …show more content…
Twenty two states have such laws.

Case#4. Diversity in the workplace 11. Employers faced with the need to downsize, perhaps on the heels of an earlier reduction as was the case with ATC should consider a voluntary separation program to minimize legal risks. Voluntary separation programs have advantages over involuntary programs. * First, employees who leave voluntarily are less likely to sue over their separation and more likely to sign a release in exchange for severance, assuming that it’s offered. Some disgruntled former employees may claim constructive discharge that they were forced out. But that is an uphill climb for plaintiffs under any statue or theory. If the plaintiff signed a valid release of all claims then the employer can raise that defense in a pretrial motion that should end the case at that early stage. * Second, although a VSP may not completely eliminate the need for an involuntary reduction, it can at least reduce the scope of the involuntary activity and fewer layoffs generally make for better morale. ( 2/1/2004 A safer approach downsizing Downsizing refers to the voluntary actions on the part of organizations to reduce the overall size of their workforce, generally to reduce costs. The disadvantages of downsizing in a survey by the American Society of

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