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VeriType is developing software that will improve the billing process for physicians. The software is developed to help make the billing process easier, more accurate, efficient, and compliant with the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). HCFA monitors billing practices compliance with government regulations. Fines imposed for noncompliance with HCFA guidelines can reach up to $10,000 per claim. This along with other inefficiencies in the billing process can cost physicians a lot of money. (Moot Corp, 2013) VeriType’s software is designed to improve the billing process and allow the physicians to worry less about the billing process and focus their attention and time on patient care. VeriType is a unique leader in…show more content…
Job fairs that focus on medical professions, technical support, or development are great opportunities for the HRM or a representative to be present and expose potential candidates to VeriType’s career opportunities. Training and development will play a huge role in the success of VeriType. HRM is critical in developing the proper training and development of most companies. The training of both the software development team and the technical support staff will be important in the success of VeriType. Employees must be trained in HCFA guidelines so that they can ensure the software is operating effectively. Employees must be competently trained in how to educate and help customers. The steps an effective training and development plan include determining specific needs, establishing specific objectives, selecting methods/delivery systems, implementing programs, and finally evaluation. (Mondy, 2014) VeriType wants to develop and launch their software geared to help physicians alleviate billing problems and ultimately avoid costly HCFA violations. This requires knowledgeable and experienced software developers and skilled technical support staff. The HRM should discuss this training process with Jennifer Brunner, CEO, she has experience in database development and contacts in the software development community. Jennifer should be able to provide valuable resources to the HRM. She may also be capable of training employees. Once the HRM has

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